Expect These Interview Questions

As a growing organization, we conduct many interviews throughout the year. We’ve made several observations about the interview process along the way, one of the most important being that a person who feels prepared for our Endless Executives questions makes for a great conversation partner. With that in mind, these are some foundational inquiries that will come up in almost every interview:

• “What Makes You a Good Fit for Our Team?”: This would seem to be one of the easiest questions to answer (after all, who knows us better than we know ourselves?), yet it’s one of the most difficult. It’s likely because people are taught to focus on their weaknesses – not their strengths. The best responses include at least three of a person’s strong points with real-life examples of how he or she will add to our culture and/or bottom line.

• “Five Years From Now, Where Would You Like to Be?”: The ability to tell fortunes isn’t a required Endless Executives skill. We’re impressed by those who have detailed plans for what they will accomplish in the next five years, but it’s enough for us to know that a person thinks ahead and plans to be further along in their careers than they are now.

Having answers prepared for these and other routine interview questions will help you to relax, and therefore give a better interview. For more of our interviewing strategies, check out our Endless Executives Newswire feed.