Questions Leaders Ask Themselves

There are many different leadership styles that are effective and it’s important to find one that you’re comfortable with and that works for your personality. This is the key to authentic leadership that we try to teach at Endless Executives workshops. We also share some questions to help you think about how you’re presenting yourself as a leader. Here are a few of our favorites:

• What Are Your Values?: You probably have a set of core values you’ve developed over a life of experience, but have you taken the time to sit down and think through what they are and how they would apply to business? This is a great exercise to do with a mentor who can come up with specific examples of situations where you’d want to make value-based decisions.

• What Quality of Relationships Do You Want?: While we want each Endless Executives team member to have a broad network, they understand that their networks also need to be deep in certain places. Developing those relationships takes time.

• How Do You Want to Participate in the Community?: Leaders need to engage outwardly not just within their businesses and in their industries, but also in the communities surrounding them. Think about things you’re passionate about and ways you could make the world a little better.

Taking the time to think through the type of leader you want to be, the values you want to follow, and how you want to engage with others will allow you to be more deliberate in making choices and getting where you want to go.

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