Set Goals and Plan Your Career

While everyone wants to have a successful career, one of the most important steps to actually getting there is defining what that means and setting clear goals to help you achieve it. When we coach new trainees at Endless Executives, we offer them the following tips to help them set their personal objectives and plan their careers:

• Prepare for Your Next Step: Even if you’re just beginning a new role, think about the next step you want to take. Generally, it takes time, experience, and training to move up, so you want to start building your skills right away. This way, when an opening for the next level is available, you’re ready to move on.

• Find a Mentor: If your company doesn’t offer a mentorship program like the Endless Executives one, find someone willing to mentor you. Even if your company offers you regular meetings with someone in management, you may still find that having additional mentors, sometimes in a different industry, can help you tremendously.

• Speak Up: When you have an idea, be willing to share it with your team. Then, if it’s something everyone wants to implement, be willing to spearhead the project. Putting yourself out there and practicing your leadership skills are the best ways to prepare to move your career forward.

Creating a good plan, especially if you have the help and insight of a mentor, is key to rapid career success. However, you also want to make sure you put your plan into action and take advantage of any unexpected opportunities to shine. For more on career growth, join the Endless Executives community on Facebook.